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Good for Girls 

HR Sports Academy runs a fantastic Good for Girls programme supported by London Youth to better young women's mental health and overall wellbeing. The Good for Girls programme supports young women to access relevant, holistic early intervention mental health support in a trusted community space. Support and guidance from our trained youth professionals is provided to participants to develop their relationships, skills and tools to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. Our young professionals aim to create a safe space where young women feel able to talk about their mental health.

Good for girls outcomes:

  • Young women feel they have a choice and a voice in their organisation

  • Young women feel their youth club is a safe space to talk about mental health

  • Young women don’t feel judged when talking about mental health

  • Increased confidence in girls and women

  • Young women feel they have the tools they need to help manage their mental health

Our previous Good for Girls programme saw our young women celebrate their achievements and personal growth at the Good for Girls programme celebration event. 

"Good for Girls is the only thing that gets me out of bed"

" I am more open to talking about my personal problems"

" I have built my confidence and met new people"

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