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HR Sports Academy offers support, advice, guidance and information to all young people between the ages of 16 to 19 on a range of post-16 opportunities in education, training and employment. 

We have a number of professionals with a variety of skills who can help you with advice and guidance as well as employment support for those looking for work.

Opportunities in this section include:


Our apprenticeships will get you on track to achieve your goals.

The aim of the HR Sports Academy apprenticeship scheme

is to enable individuals to learn skills specific to jobs roles

within a community sports and fitness environment and to

gain experience of working in those environments.

Sports Traineeship

Traineeships are ideal for anyone aged 16-24 with an interest in working in the sports industry.


It is a great opportunity for those who would like a career supporting the delivery of PE in schools or sports coaching.

Our traineeships provide a lead in experience to our apprenticeship programme and will give any young person a chance to see how the sports industry works, and what our apprenticeship programme is all about.

Coach Development Program

Do you want to learn or develop your coaching skills, gain coaching qualifications, work experience in a range of roles related to the sports industry, and advice on applying for jobs, college and university?


HR Sport Academy's "Fit for Work" Training Programme is here to support you!

Alternative Education

HR Sports Academy’s Alternative Education Programme is a new project which intends to show support and give high quality learning experiences to young people who find it difficult to cope with the traditional set up of a learning institution.

Those who are at risk of permanent exclusion or are vulnerable for a wide range of reasons can benefit from the bespoke packages on offer and our dedicated mentoring team will liaise with our teaching staff to provide a learning pathway that meets the needs of each individual.

We make every effort to guarantee that the young people who attend our centre gain recognition and qualifications through a practical programme of activities taking into account individual learning needs. Such activities entail students shadowing some of our top class qualified sports coaches; and also attending various sport coaching courses.


Our work is done in a safe caring environment where young people are listened to and feel valued.


HR Sports Academy currently works with students from schools in the borough of Haringey but we are extremely keen to open this unique offer to other schools that have students they may wish to include.


We deliver academic curriculum combined with vocational and sporting programmes. We aim to provide HR Sports Academy students with the necessary tools and skills to build a successful future and to be able to make a positive contribution in the community.


For more information please contact us on:


T: 07903107217



Our download our prospectus.

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