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Since our creation in 2010 we have been working with this target group and have touched the lives of over


children and young people from disadvantaged communities.



pass rate!


Engagement by students enrolled on our schools work experience programme!


Of those who have enrolled on our traineeship programme have either secured employment or have gone on to further/higher education!


Of the parents surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy and feels safe at our sessions!

Case study

We have worked with many vulnerable young people over the years. One of our case studies is on a young man who was extremely shy and lacked self confidence when he started with us as he was often bullied at school.


He is now a confident individual who definitely posses the qualities and values that makes him a brilliant role model for other young people and an asset to HR Sports Academy and sport as a whole. This young man is hard working, dedicated, punctual and his enthusiastic demeanour at HR Sports Academy cannot be outdone. He is extremely responsive, acting on requests within seconds and patiently offers help to those who need it. He has a great rapport with the children who attends our sessions and is a great aid to our coaching team.


He has been integrally involved in our Holiday Camps, Weekend Clubs, Fun Days and League Tournaments. He actively encourages more people to attend by making them feel welcomed at the sessions and informing people about our provisions and the benefits they will receive. HR Sports Academy have provided him with a mentor and placed him on numerous coaching courses. The success he has achieved through his involvement in our programme and the welcoming team environment has played a massive part in his personal development. The fact that he was in hospital due to a serious asthma attach and insisted in coming to work after he was released shows how effective and valuable our work is.

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